17 MARCH 2020

COVID-19 (Corona-virus) and the impact on Swartland High School

On Sunday 15 March 2020 the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, announced various measures concerning the COVID-19

pandemic that have a direct influence on the school. The School Management Team and the staff made the following decisions in

compliance with the President’s announcements and WCED-circulars:

1. SCHOOLS CLOSE: Wednesday 18 March 11:00

    SCHOOLS OPEN: Tuesday 14 April 07:30

2. WEEK’S PROGRAMME 16 – 20 MARCH 2020

2.1 The Rocking Future Career Expo is postponed until further notice.

2.2 Swartland’s Got Talent is postponed to 6 May 2020.

2.3 Marks discussion: Thursday 19 March

2.4 Reports are handed out 20 March from 08:00 to 09:00

2.5 All sport practices are cancelled for 14 days (between 14 and 31 march 2020)


3.1 Netball: Waterkloof Tournament is cancelled.

3.2 Hockey: Fairmont Tournament is cancelled; Paarl Gymnasium Tournament is cancelled.

3.3 Rugby: Oakdale Tournament is cancelled.

3.4 Practice schedules will be set and communicated separately to different practice groups. Practice times (printed copies) will be given to learners and parents by coaches. There are also whatsapp-groups for information. If your child is ill, keep him/her at home, but inform the coach.

3.5 All tournament fees or donations will be refunded to the parents or donors. Please contact the Finance office of the school to make arrangements.


4.1 All learners will receive various assignments and notes (Tuesday/Wednesday). These assignments must be completed at home during the extended holiday and handed in after the holiday.

4.2 Supplementary assignments and notes will also be made available on D6 Communicator under Resources. You can download D6 Communicator on any iPhone, android or Blackberry device at http://schoolcommunicator.com/download.php. Choose the school (Swartland High School) and go to Resources. Some teachers have created whatsapp-groups for further academic information and assignments. We will lose 10 academic days in total. These lost days are of critical importance to our senior learners. The staff will do everything in their power to catch up on time lost before the Record Examination.

4.3 Various tests/tasks will be used to test knowledge and understanding of the work that was done at home. We will also make ample provision for questions and consolidation of work done at home during normal class contact sessions in Term 2.

4.4 The WCED and DBE will also provide support material on their web pages: https://wcedonline.westerncape.gov.za

4.5 The School Support Centre (SSC) provides support in Mathematics and Physical Science with their Wolkskool at R100 per learner: www.skole.co.za/wolkskool-tydens-korona-krisis.


5.1 The hostels are open until Friday. All learners who need to stay in the hostel after Wednesday, must, however, inform the hostel management. We understand that transport arrangements were made some time ago.

5.2 Until after the Easter weekend no accommodation will be provided to outside groups.


6.1 As with sport, no cultural events will take place during the next 14 days. If groups want to practise after the 14-day period, the same arrangements as for the sport will be made.

6.2 All ATKV-events are cancelled.

6.3 The choir tour to Hungary and Poland is still going ahead. A final decision will only be made in October 2020 depending on the Corona Virus situation in Europe.


Term Two’s programme is subject to change. Currently there is no clarity with regard to when the schools will close and how long the

June/July holiday will be. The winter sport day against Worcester Gymnasium is provisionally cancelled; we are trying to find an alternative

date. The Gospel week moves to later in the year. Examination dates could not be determined, because we do not know when the school

will close. Tournaments during the June/July holiday (like the Craven week) might be cancelled.

Dear Rockie Parents and Rockies, you have certainly received much advice and numerous tips via social media, newspapers, magazines,

and posters on how to avoid the Corona Virus. Please keep yourselves and your families healthy. Also support our children with their self-

study and fitness programmes during this extended holiday.